Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So, this week was a bust for my couponing...don't get me wrong, I used coupons, but it wasn't much!  To make it worse, I went to a store closer to my house and I am not very familiar with the layout yet, that might have kept me from finding a better bargain.  This weeks goal was to make a list, stick to the list and keep it cheap.  With the holidays, we needed to keep costs down as much as possible with no extras.  And it would make sense that coupons would help with that.  But actually when I am saving money, I am also spending it.  Are you lost yet?   

Let me explain...I have found the "golden ticket" of coupons several times now.  That is when I find a coupon that will make an item free or nearly free.  Or just down right cheap for that item.  That is when you want to find multiple coupons like that and stock up.  A couple of weeks ago it was like that for canned goods and frozen veggies.  I paid no more than $0.25 a can for the canned veggies and about $0.50 a bag for the frozen ones.  Veggies are now off of my shopping list for a while.  I also stocked up on canned fruit at $0.50 a can during that time.  So, in the long run I will save money by getting it that cheap, but I have to pay for it all up front.  Hence the spending money to save money.

We have done that with several things and are starting to get the hang of it, but it is not as easy as they make it look on TV! lol  We are learning that these product coupons come out in cycles, sometimes they are great ones, other times you wonder why they bothered to spend more on the paper than the coupon was worth.  It is a lot of work, time and effort to make this work but I am determined!  I dream of having a stock pile like some of the people of the show Extreme Couponing.  I would love to be able to go to my pantry and know I have tons of needed items.  

I have also noticed that when you get those coupons, and use it to stock up, the next time they come around the price has been raised or the coupon value is dramatically lower.  It slightly irks me to see them do that.  Just because we have figured out a way to use the coupons to their full advantage and get a great deal is no reason to make it harder.  If you do not want all of those coupons used, then do not publish that many...gezzzz!

So, with the start of the new year, I vow to to rule this couponing game and save my family some money while getting great deals!  I know this blog is a slow work in progress, but please check back frequently and I will keep you informed of the great deals I come across! 


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