Monday, April 2, 2012

Free for Me!


I love a great deal and I have found a few lately!  Yesterday was a goldmine! Coupons for $7 off any Allegra...that equaled 11 free boxes!  Also, one of our local grocery stores seems to always have the 9 oz. Dawn dish soap on sale for $0.99.  This is also the store that doubles coupons up to $0.50.  I had coupons for $0.25 off regular Dawn and $0.50 off the Olay ones...which equaled FREE for the Olay!  Here's to better looking dish pan hands at no cost! LOL  

I have yet to find one of those great overages or totally cheap trip total, but I will forge on and enjoy the savings I am finding while still trying to make the big score.  I have gotten behind again on clipping my coupons, and the pile was starting to get out of control.  In fact, some of the coupons had expired by the time I finally got to them.  I would like to come up with a new way to organize them...maybe where I do not have to clip them.  This is where a tablet would come in handy.  I can just sort them all and enter the info into a program on a tablet.  It could save me tons of time!  I could have expiration dates and such all organized and then it would make it a lot easier than flipping through like I do now.  What I need to make that happen is a few good weeks of deals to save up some money!  lol  That's what my husband would say anyway, lol.


I continue to stock up on items that I find great deals on, and I try to avoid things I would not normally purchase.  I also try to avoid junk food, candy and such...unless it is such a deal that I can't pass it up!  Oh!  We did get 2 other GREAT bargains!  We got toothpaste for $0.10 and tooth brushes for $0.30!  They were all on clearance at Walmart and I had COUPONS!  It was one of those weeks where I wish I had more papers!  But I was still 6 tubes of tooth paste and 12 toothbrushes.  Those are the bargains I love to find!  I have also been lucky on laundry soap a few times.  One of the grocery stores around here has a little clearance rack with all kinds of items.  Usually the times are about 50% off the regular price.  I have been lucky to have coupons when they had laundry soap.  And it usually when the bottle gets dented or something, lol.  I can still use it! 


That is about all of the savings I can ramble on about right now.  I will let you know about the next big deal as soon as it happens!  Until then, keep clipping and saving!