Sunday, January 8, 2012

Where Are The Deals?

As much as I would love to say I saved soooo much money, it is just not the truth.  I tried, and did OK at one store.  My savings were 37%.  With Walmart, I think I saved more money with price matching.  I got some great deals though, so I am not totally disappointed.  My best bargain was the Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner I got for $1 a bottle after price matching and coupons.   Sure did beat paying $2.84 a bottle!  We also got a bargain on Soft Soap...the 1st store had some in their clearance section that was marked down 25% to 50%, then I used the $0.40 off coupons which the store doubled!  I don't think I paid more $0.50 a bottle.

There were a few more little bargains, but I can't help but to think I am missing something.  How in the heck do these other couponers do it?  How do they get those bargains every single trip and pay little to nothing?  I realize the show really exaggerates and spotlights the best ones, but they still have a knack and I want to know what it is!

I have found only one store (Walmart) in my metro area that will pay overage and with the surge in couponing use, the trial size money making deals are becoming far and few between.  Not that I am picky, but I do not like to buy much of my fresh meat from Walmart.  I just have standards and it is tough to get a good deal.  But I am willing to pay for a good product, I would just love to get it cheap! lol  

So, I picked up my papers today for the Sunday coupons.  There were not a lot of great ones, but enough to make it worth the trip.  I will search the Internet far and wide, possibly search some recycling dumpsters...all in the name to ave the all mighty dollar!  Stay tuned!!!!!

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