Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Size Matters


OK, just when I think I am starting to get the hang of this coupon thing, I see someone at the store who is totally kicking ass at it!  I mean TOTALLY!  I actually had coupon envy.  She made my binder feel inadequate and ashamed of  her small was a sad, sad day indeed! :(  They TONS of dog food products, dry packages, (the smaller ones) and canned.  There was other stuff, but it was already bagged.  And to top it off, she wasn't really all that nice.  She didn't like that we tried to speak to her about coupons.  I think she was looking down on my binder size, lol.  She had a lot of overage we decided.  What we don't know is where she gets that many coupons, because I will tell you what, that particular woman was not dumpster diving for them! lol

She had well over 100 bags of dog food and I am not sure of other amounts.  But there was a coupon for each one...On a good week I might, and I mean MIGHT be able to get 20 same coupons. the most of Internet coupons I can get 12 on a good day.  I print 2 of each coupon off of all 5 of our computers and one set from work.  WTH?  I have got to figure this out and build up my resources.  


These TV shows make it seem like these couponers plan for months to make these big shopping trips happen.  Well, that to me seems impossible.  They can't plan that far in advance. Sale ads are a week to week thing and as far as I know, coupons previews are not listed any more than a week ahead of time.  Am I missing something here?  It seems to me that you have a few weeks at the most to get your coupons in order and hope the store put these items on sale.  Maybe I need to research this a little more.  I wanna save more!!!!

I got very behind on clipping my coupons, I was backed up for a month and even missed some good deals because of it.  I won't let that happen again.  It is a time consuming job, but it is paying off.  My little stock pile has gotten other's interested.  And it is no where near the amount as the ones on the TV show.  I can only dream of that someday!  I continue to use certain stores to get the most for our money.  One store I would never go to often I frequent often now because they double coupons and have improved their sales.  They offer several deals a week via text messages and those alone have saved me tons in the past few weeks!  And of course the good old Walmart price if they would just double coupons, I would be saving a couple of trips!

I have been learning the ropes of stacking and it seems the best place around for that is Target.  You can get some items nearly free!  Its still a big game and I am still learning the rules.  I still plug away at that one time goal of the big score shopping trip!  Until next time...



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