Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Time Savings

It should be no surprise that I love I bargain!  I especially love it when it is for such a high volume item.  Couponing is actually nothing more than a game.  You have to learn the rules, read between the lines and hunt for the deals.  Although most places leave the accepting of a coupon up to the manager's discretion, if you go in there armed with your whits, confidence and charm, you are gonna get the deal.  

Perfect example.  I had 2 different coupons for the same product.  For Herbal Essence products, one was a "buy one get one free" AKA B1G1.  The other was for $3 off of 2 Herbal Essence Shampoo/Conditioners.  A lot of times it will say on coupons, "one coupon per item", but neither of these did! :)  Now it was just a matter of getting the manager to accepts it, and they did!  I paid $0.19 a bottle.  SCORE!!!!  It was not wrong and it was just a matter of using the coupon and it's working to my advantage.

Next deal I had was for Gillette Razors.  Although we are fond of the more expensive type of razors, (the more blades the better the shave for husband who shaves his head), a great deal on them makes them great!  I again had 2 coupons.  One was a B1G1 the other again was for $3.00 off.  The coupon stated you buy one of any pack of Gillette razors you get the Gillette Mach Turbo for free.  It had a value of nearly $9.00.  Since the buy part technically didn't use a coupon to save, they let me use the $3.00 on the cheaper razors that were priced $4.59 a pack.  When all was said and done, I paid $1.59 for one cheap and one Turbo razor.                                                                                                      

I have only had luck a couple of times with tooth brushes, and now make that 3!  I found the mother load of coupons for Reach!  They are for $2 off a Reach product.  And while at Walmart, I found a 2 pack of the Reach Crystal toothbrushes for $1.97!  There was no limit on how many you could use, the only stipulation was one coupon per product, not a problem!  I think I bought 15 packs and I still have about 15 coupons.  The only reason I didn't get more is because I hate to wipe out a shelf if I don't have to.  The coupons are good until sometime next year, so I can go back and use them up sometime soon.

My last great buy of the week was Treeseme products.  There were a lot of B1G1 free coupons out there this week.  This was a surprise deal, because for one, I don't usually use this brand and for 2 I didn't know the deal was there until I was at the store.  We were are CVS picking up some medicine for one of our kiddos.  We always scan our cards at the Kiosk every time we are there.  We both got coupons for $2 Tresemme product and $1 ECB (extra care bucks).  While paying for the medicine, we then got another $3 ECB!  I thought I might as well look at see what the shampoo.conditioner was on sale for.  SALE!  They were regularly priced $4.99, on sale for 2/$7 and I on top of the CVS coupons, I had one for B1G1, by a shampoo and conditioner, get a styling product for free, (up to a $6 vaule).  They also have their bonus bucks (or some name like that for program) going on.  So here's the math:

$3.50 -Shampoo
$3.50 -Conditioner
$3.50 -Hair Spray

$2 CVS coupon
$2 CVS double days bonus
$3 ECB
$3.50 manufacturer's coupon

Grand total...FREE, (well, I paid $0.16 in tax).

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  Until next time, save big!!!!

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