Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oops, I did it again!

This evening I had no intention of finding any deals at the store.  In fact, I just went to the store to buy a few items for Grandma's birthday dinner tomorrow.  I didn't even have my coupon book with me for crying out loud.  I have noticed that the store had a grocery cart full of Ken's Salad Dressing for $0.99 for about the past week.  It was 3 different flavors, all of which I like, but the expiration was around mid November, so I had no intention of stocking up.  Until tonight...

After seeing the cart, and starting to  turn away, the wall behind us caught my attention.  It was lined with tons of the salad dressing!  I saw a paper on a lot of the bottles and upon closer inspection I realized they were coupons.  $1 off coupons at that!  Making them FREE!  I grabbed up a ton of them, and I know we will never use them all.  But the Harvester's Food Collection barrels are at the exit of the store, I had it figured out! I am also going to give most away to co-workers, family and such.

I just happened to glance to the left of the Ken's dressing and saw an equally as large display of Sweet Baby Ray's, on sale for $1 with $1 off coupons on them!  I grabbed up 25.  The BBQ sauce doesn't expire for over a year, so we kept every bottle.  We like to BBQ!  In the picture you will notice the Bic Flame Discs.  I didn't get those tonight, but wanted to share with you the great deal, as they were also free!  I got them last week.  

As you can see on the receipt, I spent only $4.18 for the salad dressing and BBQ sauce.  With a total savings of $195.96 off of the regular price.  So, for not planning on getting any really great deals and being unarmed without my coupons, I would say I did pretty damn good! I love surprise bargains!  These were special coupons by the way.  They are sent to the store in the box with the products.  They never know when they will get them. It seemed to be a good way for the store to get rid of the older stock to make room for more.  They will get back exactly the price they were asking for it.  It was a win-win kind of deal!  

If any of you run across this kind of deal, I highly suggest taking advantage of it and to the extreme if no limit is stated by the store.  But PLEASE, do NOT hoard!  Pass on the good fortune of your couponing deals to others.  Pay it forward, and more good deals will come your way!

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