Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm Baaaack!

Well, after taking a little break from couponing while we moved, I jumped back into it head first!  It has been about a month since I bought a newspaper, so most of my coupons were expired, (*sigh)...but last week was the perfect week to resume my coupon collecting!  I found some great coupons that I cashed in on this week, just check out the pic below:

I left the store with 30 packs of Bic pens, for FREE!  I got the coupon last week for $1 off 2 Bic Stationary products.  I was fairly certain with back to school sales I would be able to strike a good deal, and boy did I! I am sure that I have more than my family will ever need, but someone is always asking for something to write with around our house, now we're set! 

My next big score was Suave Deodorant, $0.15 each!  You read that right!  They offered 2 sizes, so I chose the smaller one which was $1.15.  Armed with my $0.50 coupons that doubled, I stocked up! These were not trial sizes and granted they do not last too long, but $0.15, it was well worth it! 

Franks Hot Sauce is always a good one, and something we will never run out of!  We usually get it for about $0.25 a bottle, (again, the little bottle). I have found a few new ways to use it, and need to work a few more.  I LOVE to coupons that do not have exclusions on them, but if they do it is usually a "no trial size" exclusion.  With that said, I had $0.50 off coupons for Band Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages.  The coupon stated no trial size.  I happen to find the travel pack size, at $0.99 each.  It's all in the wording, travel and trial are not the same thing and the store agreed with me, so I got a bunch for FREE! 
It's not always about the coupons, sometimes these great deals can happen without coupons, you just have to watch out for them!  It pays to research and read every ad!  I would normally never shop at some of these store I get ads for, but sometimes their deals are too amazing to pass up!  We took advantage of the sales that Office Depot had for school supplies.  I know they place these items all over the store to get you in and buy something else, but we were on a mission!  Armed with the ad and my husband, we both went after the limit on these products and this is what we each got:  

-3 packages of notebook paper, $0.25 ea
-3 bottles of school glue, $0.01 ea
-3 packs or 3 erasers, $0.25 ea
-3 pencil sharpeners, $0.25 ea

After taxes, we each paid $ was about a $10 savings! 

Out of all the products purchased during this shopping trip, the only thing I paid full price for were the 2 drinks we got at the checkout at the grocery store.  It was such a successful trip that it really made me feel like I had accomplished something BIG!  It peaked my interest into full swing again.  I felt weird this past month shopping without any coupons.  I still priced matched at Walmart, but I felt like I was missing was SAVINGS!  I have my ears open and my eyes peeled for the next great deal.  It's time to build back up my reserve and get better at this whole couponing thing!  And this savings shown above is just how I do it!  

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