Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh Yeah, free razors and Bath and Body Works Sale!

I can proudly say, I have FINALLY gotten free razors!  It may sound like a small accomplishment, or it might make me sound like a freak...but it seems like its in every couponer's basic stockpile, free razors.  How the heck have they been doing it all this time?  I know that I have missed a couple of deals, either because I didn't realize the deal was there or the deal was so good, the store was sold out the entire time the coupon was valid. 

I was only able to get 8, that was all the store had left and I only had 10 of the coupons anyway.  And I need to rephrase the "free", I actually made $0.12 on each pack of them, go me, lol.  That is my big braggin' deal of the week.  I didn't use many other coupons this weekend.  I plan to have a bigger trip this next weekend.  I am have been keeping a lookout for the small bottles of Dawn dish soap to go on sale for $0.99 again.  I have some coupons that are itching to be used!  I still have about 15 bottles, but soap is a great stockpile item and I like to get the freebies!  I also have some coupons that are for one free health bar of some sort.  I can't remember the name right now, and I don't know if they are good or not, lol.  But, they are free and that makes it worth trying!  

Another of my favorites to stock up on is's not as easy to score a great deal on it, but once in a while I get lucky with it!  Last time I had coupons I lucked out and my double coupon store had some of the Softsoap in the clearance section.  It was marked from 25%-50% off the price and then I used my coupons.  I don't think I paid more than $0.50 a bottle.  And the worst bottle had a cracked pumped.  I just poured it into another bottle.  It was a great deal!

Now, if my my most favorite soap was ever to be that cheap...I would be in Heaven!  I have a fascination with Bath and Body Works products.  But I also have 6 sinks to stock with hand soap.  For the most part, the kids' sinks do not get the Bath and Body Works stuff, lol.  My 8 year old would have a bottle gone in about 3 days!  However, right now they are having yet again another HUGE sale.  The antibacterial soaps are priced at 7 for $20, then I have a 20% off coupon code to use.  Plus, I have a coupon for a free "Signature Collection" item when I spend $10 or more.  It will take 2 transactions to use both of my savings, but well worth it!  

So, that is my savings and shopping for the past few days.  I will post any other deals I run across.  Until BIG! 

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